Harry Reid’s Wife and Daughter Hit by a Tractor Trailer

Senator Harry Reid’s wife and daugher were involved in a four-vehicle wreck yesterday, leaving 69-year-old Landra Reid with a broken neck, a broken back, and a broken nose. The couple’s 48-year-old daugher, Lana Reid Barringer, suffered a neck injury and facial lacerations, after a tractor trailer rear-ended their car. They were both transported by ambulance to a hospital in nearby Falls Church, Virginia.

The wreck happened at about 1 PM on I-95 in Fairfax County, Virginia, near Washington. Ms. Barringer was driving her Honda Odyssey van when a tractor trailer, carrying huge rolls of plastic, rear-ended them. The force from the 18 wheeler was so severe that the Honda crashed into a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which in turn collided with a fourth vehicle.

Both Mrs. Reid and Mrs. Barringer were wearing their seatbelts, and although Honda Odysseys are considered to be among the safest vehicles in their class, the tractor trailer still inflicted tremendous damage.

The 59-year-old trucker, Alan W. Snader, of Ohio, was charged with reckless driving after an investigation at the scene by state police. He was not injured.

Harry and Landra Reid were high school sweethearts, who married in 1959. They have five adult children. Mrs. Barringer has three children.

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